29 Oct 2008

Halloween game rules and resources for children

Halloween is very near and it is because of that, I have decided to make a game related to this festival after teaching my students some vocabulary and ideas about this special celebration in some English speaking countries. I would like to share it with you, therefore if you want to download it, just click on this link. I hope you like it! You only need two dices and counters.

1. Make a chart with three columns and write down three things you would like to get on Halloween in the first one:
Dracula cape

Witch dress

Frankenstein mask

Dracula teeth

Halloween tomb

Witch hat

Monster boots

Jack O’Latern

Witch boots

- In the second column, write price and above, the price of the things you want to buy.

- Finally, in the last one, write money left.

2. Throw two dice. The number you get is the number of pounds you have. Write it down.

3. Now move along the board with one dice. You can buy the Halloween things of the squares where you fall –if you have the money, of course! Speak to the person on your right.

YOU: Hello. Good morning.
SHOP ASSISTANT: Hello. Can I help you?
YOU: Yes, a ______, please.
SHOP ASSISTANT: That’s £___.
YOU: Here you are. Thank you. Bye, bye
SHOP ASSISTANT: Thank you. Bye.

4. Make a note of the things you buy and the money you spend.

5. The winner is the first person to buy the three things he/she would like to buy for Halloween.

If the player arrives to a TRICK or TREAT square, he has to play trick or treat on the person to his/her right. The player asks to his/her partner: Trick or treat? Depending on his/her partner’s answer:
Treat: Your partner gives you £2

Trick: Your partner move 5 steps forward.

Halloween has its origin in the Celtic culture, in the Celtic festival known as Samhain. As everybody knows, it was celebrated on 31st October, which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. It was a time in which those people believed that the boundaries between the alive and the dead didn't exist. They felt that dead people were dangeroues for them and their crops, therefore they decided to decorate their houses with sculf, bones... to frigten the dead. This tradition has arrived up to us, although not the beliefs, but as a party. You will find more information about this topic in the following link.

But if you are looking for other activities to teach your students about this cultural topic then, maybe you are interesting in the following ones:

Donald Duck 1952 Halloween Trick or Treat. With this video you can do many activities, please revise this Video tips old entry.

If your students like solving misteries maybe you can recomend them some games such as Mystery Case Files.

However, if you are looking for activities or songs for little children, you will find useful information in DLTK, ESL Kid's Stuff's, Kids music.

If you have got more ideas and you want I post them in my blog, please do not hesitate in sending them to me.

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