16 Oct 2008


ESL Printables is the most complete ESL resources website I have found up to now. It was created by Victor Gayol, a Spanish English teacher, who had the brilliant idea of creating a database with resources for ESL/EFL teachers.

Teachers from all over the world upload their masterpieces, I mean, their own worksheets, powerpoints, games, online exercises and leave comments on the forum about great tips, resources, opinions...

Belonging to this great teachers community is very easy. You only need to register and start uploading your own works, not copies from books or from other sources. Once you get 30 points because people have downloaded your works, you become a premium member and will be able to download 30 new worksheets for free each day or spend one point for each older workshett, powerpoint... you download.

Nowadays, we are 82366 registered teachers and we have posted 80343 worksheets!! You can find all kind of resources: grammar and vocabulary worksheets, powerpoints, games, songs, online exercises...

Would you like to be part of this big family? Then, go here.


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