3 Feb 2014

Creating our own restaurant

Internation Restaurant

I have got a small pre-teens group this year and I'm finding very difficult to engage them in class. They want to play games all the time and don't like writing, so when I saw them working and enjoying this project, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Step 1 – Restaurant selection
What KIND OF RESTAURANT is it going to be? A Chinese restaurant? A Mexican restaurant? An English restaurant?
     Now you need a NAME and a LOGO for it so that people remember it.

Step 2 – Create your own menu.
Your menu must include:

  • o   Starters
  • o   Main courses
  • o   Side dishes
  • o   Drinks
  • o   Desserts
-     Brainstorm different dishes that you are going to include in your menu.
-    Include a short description of what each meal is (e.g. FISH AND CHIPS – an English meal made from fried potatoes and fish).
-        Include the price in pounds or dollars.

Step 3 – Create a radio ad.
Now that you have created your own menu, it’s time to advertise your restaurant to encourage customers to come in and enjoy a delicious meal there.

Step 4 – Dining Out. 
Create a short dialogue and act out a conversation in the restaurant. Two of you will be the customers and one will be the waiter or waitress.


Hi dear friend, long time no see. What a great idea. I have already done something similar a few times, but never thought I could record them acting out the dialogues. It would be funnier, of course.
You can check my last year students' work, if you feel like it at: https://sites.google.com/site/coolprojectworks/home/my-amazing-restaurant.


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