7 Jun 2009

Improve your English and be supportive!

Today, David García, from Aprende Inglés Online (Learn English Online) sent me an e-mail inviting me to participate in the great campaign he is carrying out to fight hunger through FREE RICE. Freerice is a simple and well-designed website where you can practise English vocabulary and grammar but also other subjects such as Art, Geography, Maths, Chemistry, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Each time you guess a question, the UN World food program donates money to buy 10 grains of rice. Up to now, we have got 65,230,828,950 of grains. Your time can save lives, don't forget it!!
Did you know that, according to the United Nations, 25,000 people die from hunger every day, most of them children?

These news are not on TV every day, politicians haven't been able to solve this problem up to now, but people together can do much more to help solving this terrible situation. Do you think that you can donate a bit of your time for a good and worthwhile cause? How much rice have you donated today? Let me know!


Imma, muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Ya actualicé el documento online y te añadí a la lista de participantes en la campaña.


De nada, David. Gracias a ti por avisarme de la fantástica campaña que has emprendido.

I don't know if they will live up to the promise, but I'll link it in my blog, too. My blog's new, but it'll get better, I promise! Do drop in!

Thanks for Sharing such a gr8 resource for English vocabulary.

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