2 Apr 2009

Youtube Edu - Open Culture and Education in Youtube

Last 26th March, Google launched a new sub-site called Youtube Edu which was released in Youtube Blog . According to Youtube Blog, "YouTube EDU is a volunteer project sparked by a group of employees who wanted to find a better way to collect and highlight all the great educational content being uploaded to YouTube by colleges and universities. We'll feature some of these videos on the home page on Friday and elaborate further in a separate post on that day. "

This project is very similar to
Academic Earth one. There are more than 20000 videos about lectures, full courses, etc, on Youtube Edu and growing each day! Now, you can go on learning anytime and anywhere browsing videos by college or university name in the Directory.

Youtube is a tool which many teachers like using in their classes, however, this sharing site is blocked in many schools around the world and in many countries. Therefore, has Youtube developed this new sub-site to avoid sutting the site out?

There is no doubt this has been a great idea, but when is Youtube going to launch a sub-site for ESL/EFL teachers full of teachers' classes, activities, projects, experiences,etc to know what other teachers are doing all around the world in just one website?


This is GREAT news! And I agree they should create a sub-product for ESL/EFL: all of us teachers should put a bit of pressure on them to do this! (No idea how but we could brainstorm!)


Hi Karenne,
Thanks a lot for your comment. I agree with you, I think we should do something to get a sub-site with material for ESL/EFL teachers from all around the world. Internet is a great tool to put pressure on it. Have you seen what some people are doing to ask Blogger a file hosting for bloggers? It is incredible there are no options to upload documents!! If you have any idea just let me know, please!

Hola Inma, aunque mucho me temo que no lo vas a poner en tu blog, como considero que te lo mereces, te dejo un premio en el mio.
Un besote y disfruta de las vacaciones.

Dear Tere and 6º4 Blog teacher,
Thanks a lot for your generosity with this special award!! I couldn't believe it when I recieved your messages! I really look up to you as teachers and the work you are doing with your students!
Have a nice week!

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Dear Inma:
Thanks a lot for this new! As always your blog is really wonderful! My pity is I don't visit it as many as I'd like, but when I have a bit of time I do it.
Thanks for all!

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