12 Mar 2009


What is Internet4Classroom? A long time ago two enthusiastic American proffesionals, Susan Brooks and Bill Byles, began a collaborative project to help teachers to integrate New Technologies in the classroom in an effective way but it was so great that it arrived to the net for all of us in 2000.

What can we find on this wonderful site?

1. A site map with all the site items organized alphabetical order.

1. Online tutorials to help teachers to use programs such us Work, Powerpoint, etc; pedagogical tools such as Webquests; multimedia authoring tools such as Hyperstudio, a tools which allows you to integrate text, voice, pictures... and others.

2. In the same section, there are lessons as well which include useful examples and tips about how to use them in the classroom and many resources you can find on the net.

3. Resources classified by level and subject.

4. A great list of Web 2.0 tools (podcasts, wikis, blogs, bookmarking, etc).

This is a great project on how teachers can take advantage of New Technologies in an easy and educative way.


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