8 Jan 2009

ESL UNITED - A Great ESL, EFL Community

Today I got an email from Chad DeBolt, the creator of the ESL United website. This amazing site is a mixture of Facebook and Monster, that is, an ESL social network where you can upload your curriculum, write blog posts, upload photos, videos, chat with other ESL community members, participate in the forum and groups, create your own group to interact with other peers. Therefore, teachers, schools, associations... are welcome!!!

Here, you will find everything you need to know about the ESL world. In addition, as it is starting volunteers are needed and you can contribute to make this site your own one. If you miss something in the site you can join to the ESL United Website Volunteers and make your proposals. Therefore, what are you waiting for checking out the site?


Hola Inma:
Enhorabuena por tu trabajo en tu blog.
Hace poco descubrí este blog que te puede interesar (sigue más o menos tu línea).

Un saludo.

Wow! That's a great learning resource. I'll add this to my list of resources for the New Teacher Resource Center.

Thank you!

Dorit Sasson
The New Teacher Resource Center
"Helping You Become a More Successful and Confident Teacher in 2009!"

It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

oho good dear !!!! very interesting blog and a good posting !!! you must maintain your blog, its interesting !!! Nice Buddy

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