6 Dec 2008

Are you ready to teach?

Are you ready to teach? Would you like to practise without any risk to your career? Then, you should know Virtual School.
Virtual School is a tool which presents environments where the teacher has to take decisions. There are not right or wrong answers but, be careful because your decisions can have consequences for the school environment.

The project has been developed by NCSL (National College for School Leadership) and BBC and I think it worths visiting it!
When you enter you have several options, I mean, you can choose between managing a primary school, a secondary school or a special one. But if you are a new user you only have one option, "New School". The school secretary will guide you through the school. The next step is choosing the virtual environment where you want to work. For starting the simulation you have to guide with the buttons which are above on the left side of the website (similar to a DVD player buttons). Are you ready?


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This is very interesting. Virtual learning, will check it out.

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